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Advancing Research, Recovery & Residual Care

Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network (B.R.A.I.N.) is a non-profit recovery and resource center for people who have suffered a brain injury. We believe that those with brain injuries deserve a lifestyle that is full of purpose, grace, and beauty. B.R.A.I.N. exists to give those with brain injuries hope for the future.


What we offer

BRAIN Support programs

We have a wide variety of programs geared towards Survivors, Donors, and Volunteers.

  • Friends of Brain Injury (F.B.I.)

  • Brain Angels (Support Group for Caregivers)

  • Partnership Program

  • Brain Cells Program


B.R.A.I.N. offers a variety of classes for all levels. Click below to see our current offerings


B.R.A.I.N.’s Therapies are Personalized to Meet Each Individual’s Rehabilitation Needs