Volunteer Highlight: Kerry Ann Haggerty


My name is Kerry Anne Haggerty and I am an undergraduate student. I studying to be a Speech Language Pathologist at Biola University. I have been consistently volunteering at B.R.A.I.N. for 8 months. I heard about B.R.A.I.N. from a friend at school and began volunteering because I wanted to get experience working with adults who had brain injuries. I believe caring for people at all stages in life is very important. I got to experience this within my family as my Grandma with Alzheimer’s Disease lived with us. Since then, I have had a desire to help adults who have acquired conditions like a T.B.I.

I love attending F.B.I. and hearing the encouraging and powerful stories of the survivors. Everyone that comes is welcome and there is so much support and love there. I find myself inspired every time I go by the survivors both from hearing their stories and seeing their progress over time. It has been a blessing getting to know everyone and experience this supportive and caring community.