Sue's January 2019 Letter

Dear B.R.A.I.N. Family,


2019 is already a winner for me. My very first grandchild, Ava Charlotte Warren was born on January 20 just two days after my husband, Jerry returned from Africa as he was on a teaching mission there. What a blessing, honestly. New life is truly a blessing to behold, and no one can prepare one for this unique experience. I am so grateful that I am in perfect distance from her so I can hold her regularly and love on her consistently. Thanks for celebrating with me.

With Jana out for now and actually maybe for always…it is a pleasure to welcome Kara Creamer to help out with office duties a few times a week. Stop by the desk and get to know Kara. She is fun, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable in her leadership skills. She will be helping me out with Swing Fever and general office help three days a week. Kara has her B.A. and is preparing for Graduate School to train to be a Physician’s Assistant. She spent 2 years in Guinea, West Africa living in a mud hut while serving in the Peace Corp. We are grateful to have her on the team at least until May of this year. I am especially grateful for the help both Susan and Kara bring. This helps me to be out of the office more like I was last week when I met Dr. Keyvan Esmaeili, Hoag Hospital’s Medical Director for their Acute Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Esmaeili and I are carving out a partnership to be able to give a seamless path for recovery for those with brain injury. I am soon to meet with Long Beach Memorial’s Rehabilitation staff and I will keep you posted. Thank you, Susan and Kara for giving me this opportunity.

We realize that we are growing and are happy that more people are finding help and hope here at B.R.A.I.N. It is difficult to realize that out of such humble beginnings, we are now helping over 100 people each week. The garage and extra bedroom where B.R.A.I.N. was birthed is our heritage. We now have young people, educated professionals, Veterans, and men and women of all ages who walk into our door and are greeted with love and understanding of their injury. I thank all 11 therapists who give their time so selflessly. Each of them could receive far better pay at a clinic or hospital anywhere. They each have chosen to work here with us and we are truly grateful. There are several brain injury facilities in California, but I am thankful that so many have chosen to come here to get their therapy. We are client centered with an emphasis on one-to-one therapy which makes for a personal touch.

Everyone has a story and difficult circumstances. Jim Rohn, a well known business philosopher said, “Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.” We can all improve, right?

Blessings to all,