Angela's February 2018 Letter

Dear Friends,

This month we focused on happiness. Can we set the record straight by saying happiness is not love, a car or good food? We can be happy to have a new car, a home cooked meal and someone who loves you but can we be happy with ourselves? I say Sure. However we are a community of people with a need for relating to others so happiness is derived by being and serving others. Are you with me on this?

We all know that friends are more like family than family; our friends make us happy and our own siblings can produce feelings of unhappiness in us due to the demands placed on family that friends don’t expect. At F.B.I., we don’t expect anything from each other except the truth and respect. We decide to show up on Tuesdays because being together increases endorphins when we smile, laugh and sometimes dance. Where can you go these days to learn about life, your aging brain, have veggies and coffee for one dollar? I welcome you to send me places that you frequent that can offer you the curriculum, the friendship, the camaraderie and more. Happiness is all around us at BRAIN and it travels with us when we leave at night. Happiness was evident the night of our fundraiser, Swing Fever, with the choir singing, Mandy Mykitta teaching dancing; Eddie and Jim Leyva sharing the reason why they are happy and Garrett Okita proposing to his girlfriend and long time volunteer Mai Suzumori. Are you smiling yet? 

Each month I introduce a short video from a TED talk. I would like to close with this; acquiring things doesn’t lead to happiness, making moments and being grateful go a lot further. Check out this talk by:

David Steindl-Rast at TEDGlobal 2013. 

Want to be happy? Be grateful. 


With joy,

Angela Mandas

Speech Language Pathologist

F.B.I. Facilitator