Angela's March 2018 Letter

Dear Friends,

March was filled with lots of laughter as the remedy for eliminating stress. The famed endocrinologist Dr. Hans Selye first documented stress in the late fifties. Before the fifties, stress was evident in the post war survivors, the events of presidential assassinations and so much more. Dr. Selye’s research led to ways in reducing stress and teaching people how to cope. At F.B.I., we focused on some of his top ten ideas like listening to music, which can reduce blood pressure and cortisol. Additional ways include talking to, not texting, friends, family and colleagues. Good relationships are built on healthy communication. Jeanne Finn, a volunteer at F.B.I., says she is "gifted with good ears to listen" and offers advice to many. She and her husband John have been regulars and act as great grandparents to many of our survivors. They hug and encourage the survivors and actively participate in the discussions. One evening, we focused solely on laughter and this behavior can release endorphins that improve our mood. Clean comedians are hilarious to watch and they talk about stupid actions people make while walking their dogs or jogging for exercise. We watched a clip from I Love Lucy, when the cast is working in the candy factory. The antics of Lucy and Ethel are precious and never grow old. March concluded with Ken Henry leading a talk on gratitude and mindfulness. I am so thankful for Lynn Gallandt and Ken Henry who step in to facilitate F.B.I. while I’m away at a conference or during reaccreditation.

Stress is unavoidable but a part of life, embrace it like Kelly McGonigal says in her TED talk:

How to make stress your friend 

Hope to see you soon. Until then, breathe in and exhale; you got this!

With joy,

Angela Mandas

Speech Language Pathologist

F.B.I. Facilitator