Sue's January 2018 Letter

Dear Friends,

I am often caught off guard by how fast time moves. 2018 has started off and is already one month in the past. I am persistently keeping my focus on my blessings. I’m grateful for all of you.  

Too many tragic occurrences happen to each of us in every day life. We live in a world that isn’t fair. “Go to Pomona, if you want to go to the fair.” So very true. Every day I come into B.R.A.I.N., I learn of more circumstances that have caused pain to someone. Accidents, natural disasters and disease are all out of our control. I realize that I have only a couple of options available when I am hurt. Fight it or Face it. I choose the later. My blind father taught me to never give up. I never heard him complain but often heard his grateful heart for the simple things of food or warmth. In this day where information is available at instant speed, I wonder what the stress of knowing more than we can often handle emotionally does to our brain. Slowing down, thinking a positive thought and making a reachable goal seem to help my emotional stability. How about you?

February 16 is almost here. Our Swing Fever Event will come and go. Let’s learn to face reality, live out a plan and be content without having to know every detail. I’m going to choose joy by attending Swing Fever. Who knows how the event will turn out? Come and choose joy with me. When you’re grateful, you just have to dance.