What We Do

B.R.A.I.N. exists to give those with brain injuries hope for the future.

Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network (B.R.AI.N.) is unlike most 501c3 non profit organizations. We exist to help those in need of brain resources whether they can afford the help or not. Because we have such a high ratio of volunteer help, we are able to offer our services without the expectation of making financial gain.

We have a volunteer who answers our hotline when calls come in asking for help. We seek to personally answer the calls within two business days. As our calls get more frequent, we are still maintaining the personal touch in giving assistance.

We provide a weekly meeting for adults who have sustained a brain injury. They can attend with family members so that the entire family is assisted in gaining valuable information about brain injury as well as the survivor learns skills in communication, public speaking, game playing, and other social activities. We also have special speakers by physicians, therapists, legal and financial representatives for the inspiration and encouragement to our families who are impacted by brain injury.

We have a social networking program that gives individual help to our friends by pairing up a volunteer with a survivor. The adults can improve at a faster rate when they are engaged in real life coached by an understanding and sensitive partner.

We keep our friends in the loop by sending a monthly newsletter with information and interesting articles to read. Our survivors who tell their own story of mishap and victory write much of the newsletter.

We have a continuing, growing list of ancillary professionals who are solidly supporting B.R.A.I.N. both financially and by offering their services, often at a reduced rate.

We have a home health care team that goes into the home to offer assistance to families who have brought their loved one home. Whether it is walking the dog, cooking, running errands or keeping company with the injured, B.R.A.I.N. volunteers are enthusiastic about giving our families understanding and lightening their load of care.

We believe that there can be joy even in the midst of such a tragedy as brain injury. A helping hand, a touch, a smile, a listening ear is often what our families need.

No one signed up to be in this club of brain injury. No one planned on joining, but we are all in this together because…. brain injury can happen to anyone!