What F.B.I. Means to Me

By Carl Northington

My name is Carl Northington.  My wife and I have been a vital part of Friends of Brain Injury (F.B.I.) since the start.  That start was October 4, 2010.  How time flies.  We both cherish F.B.I.’s community meeting each Tuesday so much.  We are able to share, talk and empathize with so many survivors that attend each week.  We are all just one big family.  Kathy and I have been married going on 17 years with our brain injuries.  I feel like sometimes, we are the blind leading the blind.  It makes our marriage fun and interesting.  We both understand each other so well.

I am a old timer to brain injury, having suffered mine way back in 1982.  I was walking down a dark street late at night to catch a bus and I remember nothing of the violent mugging which I suffered.  I was hit on the head with a blunt object, my left face they smashed in, and there I lay all night on somebody’s doorstep.  I had been robbed of everything.  The homeowner saw me there the next morning and the rest was a long road to recovery.  One month solid coma, two months of a crazy mental state and three months of in-house extensive therapies.  After six months I was sent home to my mother’s apartment in my wheelchair.  I had home therapy for another four months but was left at home all by myself.  There was only my mother and she had to work.  I was accomplishing no physical improvement so my therapist admitted me to another hospital.  More extensive therapies and after three months I accomplished mobility.  I walked out to my mother’s car.  Of course, my cane has been with me the past 31 years.  I do not want to take any chance of falling.  I am still very cautious and super careful. 

I had so much patience and determination to recover to the best I could.  I am still today, at times, improving on myself – my mental, physical and emotional well being.  Each day we can reach for the ultimate well being and happiness within ourselves.  I look forward to the F.B.I. Fall Kick-off on Tuesday, September 10th, as it brings my wife and I such happiness and encourages us to continue to improve our lives.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story Carl.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!


  2. I must say Carl that you are an inspiration and positive force to many more souls than you can imagine, even during pessimistic bouts. I admire both you and your wife’s strength, beauty and courage. I am truly honored to be apart of such a wonderful family! FUN
    See you Tuesday,
    Elissa or Eeeeee, or Kevin’s friend
    (I answer to all)

  3. Thank you Elissa for your nice comment about my story and Kathy and I. I realize that everyday, one can be presented with challenges. You just have to work to overcome them and make the day a SUCCESS!

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