Sue’s February 2017 Letter

Dear Friends,

Sue Rueb, B.R.A.I.N. Founder & President

Truth is harder to find these days, it seems.

Here is something I know that is true and I want to share it with you: Today, I am thankful for our Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network. We work with people of integrity and truth. We listen to survivors and their families tell their important and truthful stories. Some are incredibly sad. Other stories are inspiring and positive, able to help others. We are all together. Last week at FBI, the multi-purpose room was full of joy as we had Mandy Mykitta come and teach us all some dance steps. Wheel chairs were spinning and hearts were beating faster as the music put smiles on all of our faces. We loved it. Stay tuned as we hope that Mandy will be able to add Dance as a therapy in the future.

What makes me smile? Survivors making good decisions. When a survivor of a stroke or TBI comes to B.R.A.I.N., finding a comfortable place to share life with many friends with similar challenges, they are happy and so am I. Please spread the news to your friends and interested acquaintances about B.R.A.I.N. and what it has to offer. Therapies, classes, social activities and resources are all available here. The key component is self-motivation. I applaud anyone who accepts the hand we extend to help them improve. Whether it is taking speech therapy, enrolling in a literacy class or working out with Kevin Jung, our fitness trainer, a survivor has many choices that they can make to move their rehabilitation forward. I realize more than ever now after 5 years of being in our Cypress facility, the survivor’s mindset is the most important agent to make B.R.A.I.N. successful in helping people to improve. We accept everyone and their thoughts, and we have basically one rule that we subscribe to: Kindness.  It is always inspiring to see kindness flow around the room at our weekly FBI meetings. Kind therapists invite kind survivors to partner with them for one purpose: to help survivors move forward to get their lives back after a brain injury. It is an amazing partnership.

What keeps me awake at night and makes me sad? I think about the survivors that we want to help in some way and for a variety of reasons, they do not choose to make the necessary changes for their own health. I’m including myself here, as well. How effective will any of us be to others if we don’t take care of our own health and well-being? So, let’s all take a fresh look at ourselves. What is our part in helping ourselves achieve greater health? Our Yoga Class continues to be a healthy choice for me and I thank Kimberly for her leadership. Who knows? Maybe I will answer my cell phone less, exercise more, drink more green juices and eat more vegetables. Okay, I said, “maybe.”

Practice making one good decision today with a goal you can achieve. It’s funny how one decision sets you up for another. Decisions build on one another and it is important to set your mind in the positive direction.

I’m going to go eat some carrots. How about you?


Sue Rueb