Sue’s February 2015 Letter

Dear Friends of B.R.A.I.N.,

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. What a perfect time to have our annual event, Think Tank 2015! B.R.A.I.N. is stepping out and saying, “Thank You” to all Military Veterans this year. Our focus is the issue of PTSD and TBI in the Military. We know that when Veterans receive new treatment, it won’t be long until that treatment is offered to all. A prime example is CereScan, the leading functional brain diagnostics company in the country, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. John Kelley, the company’s Chair and CEO, will be giving some breaking news about infrared therapy and its use as a treatment method for the Military. The success of this treatment is encouraging for all. Each speaker will be both inspiring and informational. This is an opportunity for all of us to honor our Military heroes. We live and enjoy our freedoms every day because of the sacrifice of those who serve us and protect us in uniform.

Last month, Jana and I met with USMC Major William Mimiaga who is a teacher at Stephens Middle School in Long Beach. A Vietnam Veteran and a survivor of cancer, he is a strong personality and advocate for kids at risk. When you walk into his classroom, you are struck with the fact there is no teacher’s desk. He is constantly walking and talking with his students, and the classroom currency is respect. His common sense and wisdom along with his pursuit of truth are evident and engaging. He sat us down on his patio outside and listened intently about Think Tank. He immediately took our picture and sent it out on his Facebook page inviting his contacts to our event. His story of courage, hope and perseverance to help emotionally affected kids stirred my heart. All of his awards cannot be compared with the look of love and respect that he often gets from his 6th-8th grade students. He has been hospitalized and hurt from student conflicts, but his mission to help others eclipses his own challenges. If you come to his area at 6:00 any morning, you will find him sitting on his patio outside his schoolroom with a cup of coffee and a cigar to subside his chemo treatments. Meeting Major Mimiaga was an honor. I hope you can meet him at Think Tank on March 28th.

OOOORAH and Semper Fi,

Sue Rueb