Sue’s February 2014 Letter

Just four years ago, there was hardly a word about brain injury in the media. Are you as amazed as I am at how much it is being covered today? Whether it is GuidePosts, National Geographic, The LA Times or The Wall Street Journal, brain injury awareness is spreading. I recall the blank stares I got in return after telling someone about the issue of brain injury back in 2007 when we were traveling the country to find a program that could accurately speak to our own daughter’s challenges. Two very public and newsworthy arenas have helped our culture become more aware of the devastation of brain injury – professional sports and the Military. The more focus there is on both communities, the more research and rehabilitation procedures are brought to all of America. As Dr. Earl Henslin PsyD. said recently at an F.B.I. meeting, “Of the thousands of brain scans I have evaluated, I have found nearly 100% of them showing some sort of brain wound.” CT Scans and MRI Scans are not built to show activity of the brain and even one concussion can spin off a variety of symptoms such as personality changes, mood swings, anxiety, fits of anger, poor memory, depression and the list goes on.  When inexperienced physicians try to medicate individual symptoms, often the survivor acquires side effects from the medication and no real healing for the injury. B.R.A.I.N. believes in proper diagnoses, clear and accurate methods of treatment and committing to therapy for the long haul.

Please come to Think Tank 2014 Brain Injury: Behind the Bleachers where the focus will be on Sports Brain Injuries. We are already in the planning stages for 2015 where our Military Heroes will be highlighted!

You who are living with the impact of brain injury are my personal heroes.


Sue Rueb



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