Sue’s 3rd Quarter 2016 Letter

Dear Friends,

It is with a heart of gratitude that I write to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas! The year has been jam packed with activity here at B.R.A.I.N. and so much goes on within the families that participate in our programs.  I want to extend a huge “Thank You” to all of our volunteers who shoulder the responsibility and give the unique care our survivors need. A special “Thank You” to Allison, Danielle, Garrett, Mai, Jane, Jon and Emily, who weekly coordinate the volunteers for F.B.I. Honestly, it is a great accomplishment to be able to offer this program every week. Thank You, Angela, for your leadership and direction. You are amazing and we all love you. My appreciation goes to our skilled and caring therapists. Angela, Lynn, Ken, Russ, Kimberly, Kevin, Helen, Monica, Danielle and Melissa are all giving therapy on behalf of B.R.A.I.N. and helping so many in their rehabilitation.  The quality of care here is unsurpassed and we appreciate both the skill and the love with which they serve.

B.R.A.I.N. is finishing its 8th year as a registered non-profit organization.  Joan has been by my side since the beginning. Her tireless work to keep the organization financially sound has proven so valuable. Jana graduates from BIOLA University with her MBA in December. This graduate business degree will only prove to help her in her job, whether it is here or in another place of business. Thank you, Jana, for your tireless efforts to keep excellence at the top of our value list. May you feel God’s blessing as you marry the man of your dreams, Mr. Jeff Warren in January 2017. I also thank Alex for his hard work in keeping our facility both clean and updated. We strive to keep the building in good working order with the atmosphere of beauty and acceptance at its core.

I thank our many medical partnerships, our universities, and a long list of other partnerships that give services to our survivors. Last but of course not least are our donors who give selflessly to our cause. We have many individuals, businesses and organizations that give monthly, quarterly and I am grateful for the many who call in daily to give to B.R.A.I.N. Live, Love, Hope has taken on a much bigger meaning than just a slogan on a t-shirt. I thank God for His provision and His care.

Two thousand years ago, an angel appeared to a young virgin to declare she would bear a son that would be the Savior of the World. What news! How strange.  Couldn’t happen. But the angel in Luke 1:37 said it all. “For Nothing is Impossible with God.”

We daily experience the impossible here at B.R.A.I.N. Doctors are as amazed as anyone. I remain grateful because I believe that nothing is impossible with God.  May the same spirit of God reveal Himself to each of you, and have a very Joyful
Holiday Season.


Sue Rueb

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