Personal Training

Exercise has been a huge motivational source for me for as long as I can remember…Physical exercise to strengthen and improve the quality of my physical body, and mental exercise to strengthen and improve the quality of my mind. When combining “simple” routine functional movements with isolated “balancing” movements the exercise becomes EXTREMELY DIFFICULT! Like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach. It takes practice to master these exercises and through repetition, intensity and focus, the body and mind improve on a level that is quite rewarding.

Some of our training sessions might look a tad unorthodox, like holding a 10-pound dumbbell to your chest while walking between multi-colored cones, but after 2 minutes you soon realize that you are working out the body and the mind simultaneously.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesdays at 4pm. Come to observe, participate, laugh and learn. Men and women of all ages are welcome.

Yours in health,

Brandon T. Skanderup

RIPT Revolution

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