Newsletter – July 2010

What’s happening with B.R.A.I.N.? 


B.R.A.I.N. update July 2010
Dear Friend of B.R.A.I. N. 

Welcome to the first newsletter updating you on the happenings of B.R.A. I. N. This newsletter will be sent to you monthly. Our year kicked off with the Think Tank workshop in February. We provided a day of education for families and professionals on topics such as “Understanding Cognition”, “Memory Disorders” and “Is Your Brain Stopping You”. Many thanks to Dr. Todd Clements, Dr. Dan Zehler and our own Angela Mandas, Speech Pathologist. In March, we headed to Monterey with a booth at the California Speech and Hearing Convention. We met 165 Speech Language Pathologists who joined our desire to connect survivors of stroke and head injury with peers. Read below about the newest venture: BRAIN CELLS.




On July 24, students from CSULB and Chapman will learn about communicating and managing the behaviors of those who have experienced brain injury. These volunteers will be matched to brain injured people who need friendship, assistance to appointments or just conversation.

Walk for Public Awareness of Brain Tumors 

The above photo was taken in May  at Vets Stadium in Lakewood. Friends with Acquired Brain Injury and Strokes walked in support of  Hank Zavaleta, who has a serious brain tumor called a Glioblastoma Multiforme III. The group of survivors were teamed up with undergraduate and  graduate students from CSULB’s department of Communicative Disorders. Together the group formed their own team of walkers called “Brain Warriors”. It was a great day of solidarity. Hundreds of people came out to raise money for Brain Cancer Research at UCLA Medical Center. For more information on Hank go to






Testimony from Ron Johnson, survivor of TBI:  B.R.A.I. N. has helped me see the light. It is encouraging to be a part of this organization. This group is helping me have HOPE.

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B.R.A. I. N ‘s mission is to build a safe and nuturing environment where adults  with brain injuries can receive the care, love, and treatment they need to lead a full and productive life.
Together with your donations  we can build this community.


Upcoming Events
BRAIN CELLS First Annual Potluck combined with the Young Neuro Group :  

August 7 11-4 p.m.  2741 Woodstock Road Los Alamitos, CA 90720 Bring your favorite dessert or side dish. RSVP  Maria Flores or  call her on her cell phone  at 626 224-0177. You must include your name and phone number so she can call you back.

Closing Headline
Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. We hope to hear from you. Feel free to contact Angela at if you have information that you would like to post for the August newsletter. If you have the need to talk, call the BRAIN hotline at (714) 625-7225. Kate will be able to return your call in one business day.