Life After Stroke

Written by Ashley Remington as told by Ann Toney

My name is Ann Toney.  Two years ago (May 3, 2010), I had a stroke.  I was at work, doing escrow (where I was “number one”) and I began to feel “weird.”  My friend said, “I’m taking you to the emergency room right now!”  It’s a good thing that my friend took me to the hospital because I had a stroke; and if I didn’t go to the hospital, I would have died.  I was there for three days.  I didn’t talk to a lot of people but I knew what was going on around me.

After my stroke, the left side of my head hurt very bad!  After about a month my head stopped hurting.  I was sent to a hospital for only three weeks and I hated it there!  My friend took me back home to her house so that her brother would come over and help me, while she was at work.  Three different women (occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, and physical therapist) came to my friend’s house for a month.  Then, I went home and they continued to help me, until September 2010.  About a year and a half after my stoke, I felt better but I started getting mad, so my doctor gave me medicine that really helped me feel even better…and happier!

I lived by myself, after my stroke, but I have many supportive friends who I do a lot of activities with.  Tuesdays, I go to F.B.I. and bible study.  Wednesdays, I see my friend who helps me read and I go to a guys and girls’ group.  Fridays and Saturdays, my friend, Cathy, picks me up and we go to get food and whatever else we need (especially for the cat, Casey).  Sundays, I go to church in the morning for two hours, then my best friend, Terry, picks me up at 6pm and takes me to new places!  My Mom, Dad, and sister have all died, so I’m by myself but I love all of my friends.  I’ve known most of them for years, and I am very happy!

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