Letter from Angela – 10/2013

Dear friends,

We hear the word “survival” daily. There are reality shows focusing on survival in exotic and desolate places, news stories of survival involving people in tornados, tsunamis and also other natural disasters, and the like. However the survival that interests us most is the survival of people of all ages who experience life-changing health events. Each month at F.B.I. we focus on a Brain Rule from Dr. John Medina’s book, Brain Rules. Survival was the rule of the month for October.

Life is a story of survival and we can complain about our situation or actually do something about it. Amily Hung was in her senior year in college when an artery burst leaving her medically compromised and fully dependent on her family, especially her father. She cannot scratch her nose or turn herself over in bed. However she is able to type with one non-paralyzed finger on her right hand. She is brilliant, full of humor, and living life despite her extreme physical disability. She is a true survivor. If you meet her you will see a huge smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

Brynn Ervin is another survivor with a story. The day after giving birth to her fourth child, Brynn suffered a massive pulmonary embolism that stopped her heart for 95 minutes. Miraculously, Brynn survived. She and her husband, Kyle presented their story of survival at F.B.I. this month. Kyle has written the story down in their book, Please, God, Let Them Be Amazing, available for purchase at the B.R.A.I.N. office or online. This family learned to pray hard not for themselves but for the medical personnel who were working on Brynn. Their story is a story that will restore your faith. Brynn and Amily should not be alive. They are among many others who struggle daily with an acquired disability. Their persistence to survive and thrive is based on their attitude, faith and desire to live life fully. It is humbling to be in the presence of these extraordinary people.

Every Tuesday night we get to witness these stories of survival, watch their transformation, and cheer on their daily accomplishments. Join me and rejoice with those that have overcome.



Angela Mandas, MA CCC

Speech Language Pathologist

FBI Group Facilitator

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