January 2014 Letter From Angela

Dear friends,

Have you kept your New Year’s resolutions? It can be difficult to actually follow through on your plans for improvement in your life.  Gandhi is quoted as saying, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

We at Friends of Brain Injury (F.B.I.) have dedicated the month of January to Exercise. Following Dr. John Medina’s book Brain Rules, we have learned to exercise our bodies and our brains with positive energy. We were fortunate to have Mycle Brandy, a stroke survivor and champion walker, talk to us about his quest to educate the world on stroke prevention one step at a time. Visit Mycle’s website at www.walkingacrossamerica.org. Exercise means a little something to everybody. Ron Walkington, an aneurysm survivor, feels that “you owe it to yourself to get out of bed and do something physical every day.” Ray Hilliard, a four-time stroke survivor, walks 5 miles a day and also finds time to ride horses at Griffith Park. Then we have Greg Reese, a survivor who has learned to row with fellow volunteer Richard Zinner at Long Beach’s Rowing Center. Visit www.rowoflife.com for more information. Our F.B.I. Activities Coordinators, Christina Dovico and Alison Sayerstad, planned a bowling night at Cal Bowl, and all who participated and watched had a blast. Check out the photos on our Facebook page.

As we hopefully shrink our waistlines through exercise, we expand F.B.I. by opening up a new branch in Etiwanda led by Terrie Masten, Mira Rendon and Ken Anderson. We have been nurturing these fine speech language pathologists in the Inland Empire over the last two years and now they are ready to carry F.B.I. to Etiwanda. Stay tuned for more information regarding a start date. We are super excited to have F.B.I. reach people in other counties. We already have had people driving from Claremont to our weekly meetings in Cypress. This is going to be a blessing for many survivors and their families.

In closing, we are grateful for ordinary days in which we are able to get up, dress and find joy in our day. Spread this joy to others and come visit me on a Tuesday night between 5-7 p.m. We can lift your spirits if you are feeling blue.


 Angela Mandas, MA CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

F.B.I. Group Facilitator

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