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Not that far back, there was a big bang, not really, just a CVA, which is the beginning of my story.  There was no bang, just an ischemic stroke: A blockage of the flow of blood to parts of the brain. Part of the brain dies and the damage is done.  I was very fortunate a friend recognized the signs of a stroke, over the phone, and he and another friend (conference called) talked me into going to the hospital before I lost all movement.  That morning I was losing balance, falling over, slurring speech, losing movement in my right arm and hand.  I drove myself to the hospital.  I barely managed the steps to the ER because my right leg had ceased to work.  The admitting nurse asked me what my problem was.  His face went to “OMG,” and he told me to get inside right away.

In the ER, CCU, or the ICU, someone made the statement that I wouldn’t walk or talk again.  I remember thinking, “I don’t think so buddy.”  Sometime during my stay in the hospital I was told, “You have to get out.”  “You have no insurance.”  I struggled to leave the hospital.  I returned to my parents’ home.  I slept a lot, worked on my walking, my speech, my dexterity, and being patient.

Today, I function at a level where many people could not identify that I have had a brain injury, without close observation.  I am painfully aware of my limitations, but I know what I CAN do today and what I CAN accomplish in the future.  Never give up.  You might suffer setbacks, but you will gain that and more back eventually.


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  1. Robert, I said to you when I first meant you at our F.B.I. Meeting…”So are you one of Angela Mandas’s students? Your reply…”No, I suffered a brain injury. I am one of you”! Just reminded me of the thought that I have heard for years..”Brain injury can happen to anyone and upon observance, one might see no deficits, problems, in that brain injured person thus realizing that sometimes brain injury is invisable to the eye. Brain Inury thus being known as the “Silent Epidemic”

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