Concert on the Green Recap

The first concert of the summer featured the Tom Nolan Band, which gave a terrific performance with a number of jazz, rhythm and blues, classic rock, and soul songs.  People of all ages came out to see this rocking band at the Cypress Civic Center on Saturday June 16th.  Lawn chairs, wheelchairs, large blankets, and a couple of tents dotted the large green under the shade of beautiful, big trees.  The soulful voice of the special guest singer that accompanied the band, especially during Aretha Franklin songs or other classic soul ballads, was simply beautiful and added to the many jazz instruments played in the band.  Many audience members grooved in their seat while enjoying the sunny weather and terrific music, although there were also many people who started dancing in the front of the lawn, near the stage or in the aisles.  Couples could be seen swing dancing, children started dancing with each other in the very front of the seating area, and a group of people even coordinated their own dance to one of the songs that resembled the electric slide.  Huge bubbles floated throughout the audience throughout the night.  While many people brought their own dinners or snacks in large coolers and B.R.A.I.N. members brought cookies, drinks, and ice-cold watermelon, there were also teenagers selling desserts, hamburgers, and hot dogs as a fundraiser.  Another fun component of the concert was the large number of playful dogs running around the lawn, basking in the large amount of attention they received.  Overall, the concert was a complete success.

Don’t miss out on the next B.R.A.I.N. summer event!

Next Concert in on the Green Event:
Saturday, August 4th / 6pm-8pm
“Abbey Road” performing at the Cypress Civic Center (5275 Orange Avenue, Cypress, CA)

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