Comments on THINK TANK 2012

I just want to say that it was an honor to be in the presence of such talent.  Thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward to building long lasting fruitful partnerships with each of you.  Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you.

Be well and stay safe!
– James J. Schickel
Sergeant Major, USMC (Ret)
Local Interagency Network Coordinator
CA Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Services Division


As I sit here and sort through my thoughts, I still have a very important question I hold deep in my heart  – “Why Me?” Today, I’m attending the “Think Tank 2012” Symposium.  It is presented by the Brain Rehabilitation and Injury Network (B.R.A.I.N.).  Here, we are received by so  many friends sharing their knowledge and experience about our circumstances.  Plus, I’m meeting others dealing with many things I encounter each and every day.  I was so amazed that these individuals cared and understood how I could improve myself.  I discovered the question “Why Me?” doesn’t truly need an answer right now.  But taught me that it’s now important to ask myself “How I can be the best person I can be?”

The friends I met at this symposium gave me so much hope and information I can, and  will, use in learning to accept, deal,  handle and answer the question of “How I can and will be a better person today and all the days ahead of me.  As well as, more importantly, I’m continuing to learn to just be happy with the many steps I’m taking in my new journey in life.
Tom Olvera, F.B.I. Survivor







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