August 2013 Letter from Angela

Dear friends,

Who fights your battles?  Who advocates when you cannot?  What happens when you are told that you will not recover?  These are some of the difficult questions that our survivors and families face.  We hear them daily.  Feelings of hopelessness and despair can seem unending when you are dealing with catastrophic injuries either as a survivor or caregiver.  These injuries require more assistance after the survivor is home and it continues for years.  As a parent, you never expect to change your adult child’s clothes when they are soiled or drive them to various rehab appointments.  Couples must take a leave of absence from work or send their loved ones to facilities until they are able to be managed properly at home.  The heartache and the pain continues.
At B.R.A.I.N. we meet with families daily either on the phone, through email, social networking or face to face.  As a speech language pathologist, I prefer the face to face interactions as emotions can be seen and sometimes not heard.  In addition, many of my clients have significant speech and language difficulties which hinder their ability to communicate effectively.

Today I was asked to be an advocate.  I was asked to give my deposition as an expert in a legal proceeding.  I did not hesitate to participate.  I wanted to help the family whose son was not given the proper services as a child and now he is limited on the jobs he can perform.  Now, it is not easy to oppose a defensive lawyer who wants to prove their point of view; however, when you stand firm in your opinion and have experience behind you along with God, how can you go wrong?  In Proverbs 31:8-9 the words of Lemuel are well said, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensuring justice for those who are perishing.  Speak up for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice.”
Our friend, George Visger, former NFL 49er, Super Bowl Champion and TBI survivor, has been advocating for himself and others via a blog that he has designed.  He is providing a forum for people who have similar brain injuries an opportunity to post questions and to learn from professionals at Traumatic Brain Injury News.  Check it out HERE!  George will also be sharing his captivating story at F.B.I. on Tuesday, September 24th at 5:00pm.

Advocates can be me, you, your neighbor, a friend and hopefully others.  If you want to volunteer to make a difference in the life of a person with an acquired brain injury, stop by the headquarters and get to know us and what we do.  Friends of Brain Injury (F.B.I.) resumes for its regularly scheduled meetings on Tuesday, September 10th at 5-7 p.m.  We have a great year planned!

“Advocates stand up for those who for whatever-reason-in-the-moment can’t say it themselves. They also stand alongside for the long haul and help uncover the voice that is buried in there so it can hopefully emerge.” ~ Kathy Escobar

Thank you for your monthly support.  We cannot do this alone.


Angela Mandas, MA CCC
Speech Language Pathologist
FBI Group Facilitator

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  1. perhaps brain and george can point me in the right direction, i need help, figuring out if the rollover van accident i was in prior to the aneyurysmin some way contributed to my dilemma, i was working, the accident was workers comp, i did recieve lifetime med for back pain. what other options do i have, i dont want to retire. love the company like to return to diff dept. the a d a dept says not sure where to place me, i asked to be on interview team, response no openings. please help, i know when swa hears from lawyers, they listen, hating bad publicity(god bless, kevin, survivor #79

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