Angela’s March 2014 Letter

Dear friends, 

Life is so precious. We wake up and we open our eyes to all the beauty that surrounds us. We sit up and place our feet firmly on the ground. We can feel the texture of the rug, or carpet or tile on the soles of our feet. This sensation sends a message to our brain reminding us we are grateful to be alive. We start the day and explore its opportunities; there’s so much to learn. The “Brain Rule” for the month of March at F.B.I. was Exploration. We were excited to have Dr. Jerry Rueb , Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Long Beach, present on “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People.” I heard comments expressed from our attendees that this talk gave hope and understanding to this age-old dilemma. If you missed the presentation, we will be posting the video on our website soon, so stay tuned.

During the month of March we laughed, played games, encouraged each other, and raised awareness about our own misconceptions. Life is always going to be filled with distractions, inconveniences and struggles. Our attitude is what gets us through each day.

I have missed two F.B.I. nights due to my involvement in the California Speech and Hearing Association (CSHA) yearly conference. I appreciated receiving comments from our group and missed not celebrating each Tuesday night at B.R.A.I.N. It’s funny when you aren’t there how you feel a little lost. I am blessed to be able to “hang out” with 100 of my F.B.I. friends.

Until then,


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