Angela’s February 2017 Letter

Dear Friends,

My heart is full of joy as I write this letter to you. Every day, I get up hoping to make a difference in someone’s life. As a speech language pathologist, I have the opportunity to work with those that cannot speak for many reasons. I am present when a child gets to utter “Mama” for the first time, “I love you” to the spouse who relentlessly advocates and supports her husband. I get to witness love through eye glances, smiles, body language and through words when I attend Friends of Brain injury (F.B.I.) every Tuesday night. You see, love happens at F.B.I. in many different ways. It is felt when you walk in the door to sign in and you are greeted by a smiling face. You are recognized by a volunteer, as you might be someone who could be isolated all week long. You enter the multi-purpose room and you feel the excitement from friends, survivors, family and volunteers. Love is all around!

The F.B.I. theme for the month was, “Love.” We discussed what we love, what we cannot do without and created a recipe for love. (See newsletter recipe below). My husband and I, along with Maybelle and Arnie Schroeder, reviewed The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It was interesting as this was the first time that the 4 of us had spoken at F.B.I., and it was exciting to talk to the survivors about understanding love and what that means to each other. F.B.I. is a place of sharing and celebrating life events. We laugh with those who are joyful, and we carry each other’s burdens when they are down.

For two hours, many things get pushed aside so we can focus on laughing, sharing, hugging, making the new F.B.I. hand signal and cheering on each other for little accomplishments. Love is all around us and it carries us to the next week when we get our emotional tanks refilled.

Thank you for your monthly physical and monetary support of our programs.
Hope to see you on a Tuesday night.

With gratitude for leading F.B.I.,

Angela Mandas, MA CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
F.B.I. Group Facilitator