Angela’s April 2015 Letter

Dear Friends,


Have you ever felt tired because you get too much sleep? Have you ever tried getting up earlier in the morning and sitting outside to read the morning paper? If you answered, “Yes” for the first question, you are not alone. People will always feel tired if they are in bed too long. Your body fatigues with lack of exercise regardless of your illness or brain injury. One of our guest speakers at F.B.I., Dr. Yi Jin, a graduate from Shanghai Medical University and Co-Founder of the Brain Treatment

Center in Newport Beach, has co-authored over 40 published journal papers in the area of EEG and brain rhythms. Dr. Jin reminded us about our circadian clock and how we benefit emotionally, physically and mentally when we go to bed at a decent time (before 11 p.m.) and wake up by 6 a.m.

Dr. Jin

Dr. Jin

The second question may be mute when you think that we rush to get going in the morning and many times we miss out on the morning sunlight or “blue rays” that are necessary for our wellbeing. Why are we rushing? Why do we say we miss out on things? We miss out because we don’t wake up early enough, we don’t plan appropriately and we don’t stop to enjoy life.

This month we focused our attention on Sleep and also Vision. That is a strange combination but the benefits of sleeping can help our figurative outlook or vision. Many times we feel stuck and our immediate thoughts are doom and gloom. However, if we remember last month’s poem about attitude from Chuck Swindoll, we are responsible for our view/attitude. As for visual acuity, there is evidence that it affects 80-85% of those with any brain injuries. Therefore, obtaining vision therapy through exercises or via special prism glasses can assist the correction of the eye movements and can relieve the spinning room or the double vision. Dr. Eric Ikeda, neuro-optometrist, will be speaking more about this issue on June 16th.

In closing, we can improve our lives by changing our sleep-wake cycle and begin to enjoy life thereby changing our vision.

Hope to see you next week at F.B.I.

Angela Mandas, MA CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
F.B.I. Group Facilitator


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