Vision & Values

B. R. A. I. N.

Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network

Advancing Research, Recovery and Residual Care



Mission Statement

To advance the highest level of research, recovery and residual care for brain injured adults and to provide their families with resources and support

Our Commitment

To provide education, high quality services and programs along with medical referrals for adults suffering from traumatic brain injury.

Organizational Values

1. Empathy and understanding for survivors of Brain Injury
2. Use of proven and creative methodologies in treatment
3. Persistence in seeking diagnosis and solutions
4. Respect for those unable to care for themselves
5. Education and emotional support of families as a key to recovery
6. Excellence in every relationship and task
7. Competency of leadership and staff

Concept of what a care facility for individuals who have sustained a brain injury might look like.

The specific goal of B.R.A.I.N. is to create a campus in Southern California for brain-injured individuals needing recovery and/or long term residency and where families can gain insight and information.